Program Specialist - Residential Services

Residential Services

The Program Specialist-Residential, under supervision of the Regional Manager-Residential Services is responsible for the operation of the Life Sharing and Residential services, with an assigned caseload not to exceed 16 individuals.  The Program Specialist-Residential is responsible for the supervision of Supervisors-Residential Services. The Program Specialist is to apply Person-Centered Practices, promote community integration and Individual choice.

The essential functions of this position consist of the ability to perform moderately difficult math functions, write, read, and comprehend what is read.  Computer skills required.  Advanced expressive and receptive language skills are also required in the execution of the responsibilities below.   Must possess a valid driver’s license and be able to transport individuals.  In fulfilling this job, one must be able to be physically present at each home in which assigned individual lives.  All the above may be performed with or without reasonable accommodations.

General Work Principles
Be a primary advocate for individuals served by ensuring health, safety, and welfare at all times.
Honor and respect individuals and their personal rights in all aspects of the individual’s lives.Comply with Confidentiality Policy and all applicable HIPAA Regulations.
Address, treat, and interact with individuals in a dignified manner at all times.
Act as an appropriate role model and present an acceptable appearance and image when representing the agency.
Exercise common sense and good judgment in all decision making and contact supervisory staff for direction when necessary and required.
Have full knowledge of Integration, Everyday Lives, Hope Enterprises, Inc. Policy and Procedures and current ODP practices and philosophies.
Identify needs and weaknesses of service delivery. Participate in the development of policies and procedures to improve operation of service delivery.
Promote a trusting relationship and remain professional when working with individuals/families.
Facilitate and maintain relationships between the Administrative Entity, Supports Coordination Organization, day programs, and other support services.
Avoid allowing personal beliefs and values to influence dealings with individuals receiving services.

The Program Specialist-Residential is responsible for the supervision of Supervisor-Residential Services. Provide leadership to Supervisor-Residential Services and Direct Support Professionals.
Provide support and direction to Life Sharing Providers.
Participate in orientation and ongoing training for Life Sharing Providers, Supervisor-Residential Services and DSP-Residential staff.
Ensure compliance with Integration, Everyday Lives, Hope Enterprises, Inc. Policy and Procedures, and current ODP practices and philosophies.

Service Delivery
A. Participate in the referral process with new individuals. 
B. Identify and recruit new Life Sharing Providers.  This includes a visit to the potential provider’s home to interview and discuss expectations of the Life Sharing service.  The Program Specialist will assess the provider’s home for regulatory compliance.
C. Ensure the Life Sharing Provider pre-service training meets regulatory requirements.
D. Complete the responsibilities of the Program Specialist in compliance with 6400 and 6500 Regulations.
E.  Participate in Individual Plan development and team meetings.  Assist with developing strategies for helping individuals to achieve their outcomes.  Be fully familiar with each individual’s current plan.  Suggest revisions to the Individual Plan when appropriate or indicated.
F.  Develop, write, monitor, and ensure Individual Plan documentation is consistent with the most current needs of the Individual.
G. Ensure Supervisor-Residential Services, Direct Support Professionals, and Life Sharing Provider are trained on the Individual’s Plan; to include the Individuals Assessment and health promotions/protocols.
H.  Assist the Representative Payee to ensure Individuals’ finances are appropriately utilized to meet their needs.  
I.   Monitor individuals’ appointments and follow-up. Attend appointments when needed.
J.  Support individuals with day-to-day living concerns while ensuring resolution of the concern.    
K.  Routinely communicate with Regional Manager-Residential Services on individuals’ status.
M.  Maintain individuals’ home and office files.
N.  Complete the Community Participation Supports Training.

Overall Operations
A.  Have complete knowledge of and ensure compliance of 6400 and 6500 Regulations.
B.  Ensure individuals’ overall appearance is appropriate at all times.
C.  Ensure homes are maintained in clean and sanitary conditions. Ensure the home environments are based on the Individual’s wants and needs.
D.  Ensure the completion and monthly submission of the Checklist for Residential Homes. Report to the appropriate staff any ongoing home maintenance issues to assure completion.
E. Participate as a lead role in all Licensing Inspections. 
F.  Participate in the development of plans of correction.
G. Implement plans of correction.
H. Be familiar with budgets, ensure expenditures are consistent with budget limits, and make recommendations for budget changes as necessary.
I.  Conduct and submit a monthly Home Visit Agenda after each visit.
J.  Provide or arrange for transportation.
K.  Assist the appropriate staff with agency vehicles as required.

Notification of Incidents
-Have full knowledge of and comply with Incident Management.
-Submit incidents to Enterprise Incident Management and Adult Protective Services within required timelines.
-Attend and participate with Incident Management meetings.

Other Duties
-Provide on-call coverage.
-Participate in committees as assigned.
-Attend and participate in required trainings, seminars, and/or conferences.
-Make presentations to other agencies, organizations, and interested parties.
-Complete Med Administration Trainer course within 6 – 18 months of beginning position.
-Perform other duties as may be required or assigned.

HOURS:       This is an exempt position for full time; 80 hours bi-weekly, flexibility and some evening hours may be required. This is a non-exempt position for part time; 10-50 hours bi-weekly, flexibility and some evening hours may be required.

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:       Regional Manager-Residential Services

POSITIONS SUPERVISED:        Supervisor-Residential Services

QUALIFICATIONS:                       A master’s degree or above from an accredited college and one year work experience, working directly with persons with intellectual disabilities, or a bachelor’s degree and two-years work experience working directly with persons with intellectual disabilities or autism, or an associate’s degree or 60 credit hours from an accredited college of university and 4 years work experience working directly with persons with intellectual disabilities or autism.