HopeAbility Stories

You see them every day. Hundreds of people across our region going through each day with more opportunities, satisfaction and productivity because of their HopeAbility. Their HopeAbility has helped them learn job skills, improve motor skills and earn a paycheck. For more than 60 years, Hope Enterprises has enhanced the lives of people with a disability to give them…HopeAbility. These are their stories.

Andrea's Story

My HopeAbility Andrea

Andrea loves the independence that comes with living on her own and earning a paycheck at her job. Before she became a part of the Hope Community Supports Program, she didn't have that level of independence. Now, she enjoys having extra money to spend on shopping and getting her nails done.

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Nolan's Story

My HopeAbility Nolan

The Hope Community Supports Program helped Nolan find an opportunity to pursue his passion. Now, he gets paid to do what he loves, spending time with animals. WIth that paycheck comes a whole new level of skills. Nolan's math skills have improved as a result of budgeting and shopping for new books and movies to add to his collection.

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Tiffany's Story

My HopeAbility Tiffany

At first, Tiffany was intimidated by taking on a leadership role at work, but now, she enjoys being the boss and is a source of motivation for others in the group. The leadership and management skills Tiffany discovered through her experience with the Mobile Car Wash help her become a better mother to her 10-year-old son.

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Paul's Story

My HopeAbility Paul

Paul hit the ground running when he became a part of Hope Community Employment Services 20 years ago, and he hasn't stopped. He has worked for three different employers and has transformed his shyness to confidence. His extensive work history has also given him the opportunity to earn money to purchase his own car and rent his own apartment.

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Matthew's Story

My HopeAbility Matthew

Matthew’s weekly schedule is jam-packed with volunteer work, learning and activities. Through the Pennsylvania Autism Waiver, he participates in Hope’s Community Inclusion program, which has helped him open up, get out in the community, and make lasting relationships with coworkers and peers.

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Erin's Story

My HopeAbility 250

Erin has always strived to be better: a better student, athlete, and worker. Hope’s Community Employment Services helped her see beyond her disability. With proper training and support, Erin found a job, maintains an apartment, and hopes to go to college. For Erin, there’s no such thing as too many accomplishments.

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Kristin's Story

My HopeAbility Kristin

Kristin is one of the top producers at her job. But it took time and patience to be the best at what she does. During her transitional work experience, Kristin received a chance to excel in a real-world job setting. It’s fast-paced, but she says it's well worth the hard work.

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Pedie's Story

My HopeAbility Pedie

Peyton “Pedie” McDonald has never missed a day of work or classes since he entered the Hope Pre-Vocational program at The Work Center in 1981. Despite his disability, Pedie earns a paycheck every week and continually learns new work-related skills.

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