Home and Community Services

We offer a variety of support throughout the community to assist people with intellectual disabilities to live a more independent and meaningful life.

Home and community services assists people with intellectual disabilities to acquire, maintain, and improve the skills necessary to live in their community. General areas of focus may include self-care, home management, participation in community functions, use of community resources and more.


Companion services are provided in a private home with the limited purpose of providing supervision or assistance to ensure a person's health and safety. Services are based on the individual’s needs and assists people in participating in a more meaningful home and community life.


Community Participation Support focuses on day services that are offered in a community-based approach. We develop opportunities that allow people the support they need to participate and grow within their community.

Some examples may include:

  • Coffee Clubs
  • Volunteering (SPCA, Food Bank, Church, etc.)
  • Theatre Productions
  • Educational Outings
  • Wellness Groups
  • Employment Options
  • Exercise Programs


Employment services provides one-on-one work-skills assessments, job search support, job placement, on-the job training, job coaching and follow-up services in community workplaces. Our goal is to help people obtain and sustain competitive, integrated employment. Hope plays a role by focusing on what people can do and providing the best supports and services to enable people to choose and succeed in employment. 

Employment helps people feel like contributing members of their community and we are assisting with transforming a system culture that creates opportunities and pathways for integration, independence and community participation.


Meet Nolan

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Hope's Home and Community Support helped Nolan find an opportunity to pursue his passion. Now, he gets paid to do what he loves, spending time with animals.



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Vice President of Operations
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