Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer


The essential functions of this position consist of the ability to perform advanced accounting functions.  In fulfilling this job, one must possess advanced knowledge of financial software and other applications.  Advance expressive and receptive language skills are also required in the execution of responsibilities. Key administrative functions of waiver assurance may include, but are not limited to: waiver compliance, incident/risk management and quality assurance.  This position is also responsible for the ongoing compliance with Provider Qualification requirements.


Duties and responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:


Oversee all accounts, ledgers, and reporting systems, ensuring compliance with appropriate Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, contracts, and regulatory requirements.Maintain internal control safeguards and coordinate all audit activities.

Manage cash flow and forecasting.Develop a reliable cash flow projection process and reporting mechanism that includes minimum cash threshold to meet operating needs.Optimize the handling of banking relationships and initiate appropriate strategies to enhance cash positions.

Oversee budgeting and the implementation of budgets so as to monitor progress and present financial metrics both internally and externally.

Provide meaningful information to agency management on the performance of all of Hope’s programs and services in accordance with the agency policies and procedures.

Participation on the Administrative Team and other committees

Work closely with the Intermediate Unit to procure and provide technological systems to support the needs of the organization.

Manage and track the performance of the Foundation’s investments in keeping with the policies and investment guidelines established by the investment committee.

Mentor and develop the accounting and WIC staff, managing work allocation, training, problem resolution, performance evaluation, and the building of an effective team dynamic.

Approval of performance evaluations for accounting and WIC staff members.

Other duties and assignments as designated by the President.


QUALIFICATIONS: A minimum of a BS or MBA preferred; strong analytical skills and experience interpreting a strategic vision into an operational model; past experience successfully partnering with IT staff to manage critical financial management systems; an effective communicator at all levels in the organization, with strong oral and written skills and a willingness to share information; a collaborative and flexible style, with a strong service mentality; and creativity, with experience funding activities in ways that both cover costs and improving operations