Chief Programs Officer

Job Description

The Chief Programs Officer is directly responsible for the overall operation, direction, and administration of IDD service programs, and is authorized to act on behalf of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) with regard to general administrative matters of the agency as assigned. Key administrative functions of waiver assurance may include, but are not limited to:  waiver compliance, incident management/risk management, and quality management.  This position is also responsible for the ongoing compliance with Provider Qualification requirements, as well as with HCSIS, PROMISE enrollment, and SSD maintenance.   The primary duties and responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:


Essential functions of this position consist of the ability to write, read and comprehend what is read, and perform moderately difficult math functions. Advanced expressive and receptive language skills are also required and may be performed with or without reasonable accommodations. In fulfilling this job, one must be able to move about the assigned program sites and be able to perform safety skills. Must possess a current, valid driver’s license from state of residency, and possess a personal vehicle for travel to other work sites. Must be insurable under Hope’s insurance carrier. The performance of crisis intervention skills may be required on an occasional basis as necessary.


1. Administrative Responsibilities:

A. Treats all information about individuals and their condition(s) as confidential information. Maintains confidentiality of Hope Enterprise’s proprietary business information. 
B. Manage and administer IDD Service operations, including the planning, development preparation of its annual personnel and operating budget in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer and monitor financial performance to ensure cost-effective program operations throughout the year.
C. Ensure the maximum provision of services by monitoring services in relation to occupancy objectives.
D. Review and oversee the authorization of monthly attendance, requisitions, billings, invoices and payables as requested when necessary.
E. Monitor financial reports to ensure the effective utilization of funding.
F. Prepare plans of program or service revision, expansion and/or development related to IDD Services.
G. Participate in the development, revision, evaluation and enforcement of agency policies, procedures, and practices.
H. Provide verbal and/or written reports regarding program activities, census and financial status to the COO, President and Board of Directors.
I. Function as a participating and contributing member of the Administrative Team.
J. Assist the COO in the development of agency strategic objectives.
K. Facilitate effective communication between different departments, ensuring alignment on goals and strategies.
L. Conduct annual performance evaluations on direct reports.
M. Ensures that the quality improvement program is fully integrated with the service delivery operations.
N. Establishes and embodies a servant leadership culture of caring, establishing positive relationships with all stakeholders, and promoting appropriate care and service delivery. Provides training and education and research on various practices, as needed.
O. Remains current on all regulatory and governmental requirements governing clinical practices for standards of care in the healthcare industry.

2. Program Responsibilities:

A. Direct and oversee program operations through the direct supervision of team members as designated within all IDD Services.
B. Ensure all IDD programs are provided in accordance with agency policies and procedures, service contracts, applicable standards and regulations, as well as relevant legal standards.
C. Ensure that all IDD program personnel are hired, trained, supervised, and released in accordance with agency personnel policies, procedures and relevant laws.
D. Develop and maintain a team approach to management by involving representative personnel from all programs to meet regularly to address common concerns.
E. Ensure the quality provision of services by participating in ongoing program audits and assuring licensing and accreditation.
F. Serve as a participating member of related committees within the Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association.
G. Provide general oversight of residential program participant statements from third party payees to ensure compliance with waiver eligibility.
H. Direct and oversee HRST completions and updates, medication management oversight, individual adaptive equipment ordering, electronic health record documentation and monitoring, medical training for staff regarding individual’s diagnoses and medical conditions, and staff support for health/medical related questions.
I. Serve as a liaison with various hospitals and health providers for discharges and admissions.
J. Serve as liaison with the Pharmacy questions and needs.
K. Serves as a training resource and provides leadership to direct reports.
L. Coordinates, conducts, and monitors through audits and reviews compliance, performance adherence, and/ or outcomes of operational systems integral to the organization’s success. Prepares reports outlining findings and recommendations as required.
M. Participate in the IDD admission referral process.
N. Attend HCQU referrals (Fall Risk, Environmental Scans, etc.)

3. Building and Safety Responsibilities

A. Ensure that appropriate program facilities and equipment are leased, managed and maintained in safe operable conditions and meet applicable codes and regulations.
B. Ensure that adequate and appropriate program equipment and supplies are purchased in accordance with agency policy and procedures, and applicable fiscal regulations.
C. Ensure that required reports are completed and disseminated regarding the occurrence of residential incidents/accidents and other necessary data, as well as ensuring analysis regarding these.

4. Other Duties and Responsibilities

A. Perform other related duties and assignments as directed by the COO, including acting on behalf of the COO in their absence as assigned. This position will also serve as the backup for the positions supervised.

HOURS:                                                      40+ hours per week, Exempt position, flexibility required

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:                      Chief Operating Officer, Hope Enterprises, Inc.

POSITIONS SUPERVISED:                       Director of Community and Residential Services and Manager of     Compliance and Training


Education & Experience:

A. Registered Nurse with a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university.
B. A minimum of 5-7 years in a management/executive position with responsibilities of strategic planning, program development, department budget, compliance, and quality management, building and supervising a team, and project management. It is not required but preferably a background in the field of IDD and working knowledge of the Office of Developmental Program requirements.
C. Must have the ability to perform multifaceted projects in conjunction with day-to-day activities. Must be self-motivated and self-disciplined to establish priorities, initiate communications, schedule site visits, write reports and develop tools.


Leadership Skills: The ability to inspire and lead teams, fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, and servant leadership.
Strategic Thinking: A forward-looking mindset to contribute to the development and execution of the company’s strategic goals.
Client Relationship Management: Strong interpersonal skills to build and maintain client relationships.
Operational Excellence: A keen eye for operational efficiency, process optimization, and risk management.
Financial Acumen: The ability to manage budgets, forecast financial performance, and contribute to revenue growth.
Communication Skills: Clear and effective communication both internally and with clients is crucial.
Problem-Solving: The capability to identify and solve complex problems in a dynamic business environment.
Adaptability: The capacity to adapt to changing market conditions, client needs, and industry trends.