Assistant Vice President - Community & Employment Services

Assistant Vice President - Community & Employment Services

The Assistant Vice President-Community & Employment Services under the supervision of the Vice President-Operations is responsible for the operations and expansion of Employment Services. The Assistant Vice President- Community & Employment Services is also responsible for the operations of Community Services.  The Assistant Vice President- Community & Employment Services is responsible for the supervision of Community Participation and Employment Coordinators and Directors.

The essential functions of this position consist of the ability to write, read and comprehend what is read, and perform math skills.  Computer skills, advanced expressive and receptive language skills are required in the execution of the position.  Position requires being physically present at each home in which assigned individuals’ live.  The performance of crisis intervention skills are required as necessary.  All the above may be performed with or without reasonable accommodations.

General Work Principles

Be a primary advocate for individuals served by ensuring health, safety, and welfare at all time

Honor and respect individuals and their personal rights in all aspects of the individual’s lives. 

Comply with Confidentiality Policy and all applicable HIPAA Regulations.

Address, treat, and interact with individuals in a dignified manner at all times.

Act as an appropriate role model and present an acceptable appearance and image when representing the agency.  

Exercise common sense and good judgment in all decision making and contact supervisory staff for direction when necessary and required.

Have full knowledge of Integration, Everyday Lives, Hope Enterprises, Inc. Policy and Procedures and current Office of Developmental Program (ODP) practices and philosophies. 

Identify needs and weaknesses of service delivery.  Participate in the development of policies and  procedures to improve operation of service delivery.

Promote a trusting relationship and remain professional when working with individuals/families.

Facilitate and maintain relationships between the Administrative Entity, Supports Coordination Organization, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), residential services, and other support services.                             

Avoid allowing personal beliefs and values to influence dealings with individuals receiving services.


Direct supervision and leadership to Coordinator-Community Participation Support (CPS), Director-Community Participation Support (CPS), and Director-Employment Services (ES).   

Approve work schedules, time records, expense vouchers, and other required forms. 

Assist with interviewing and hiring personnel.

Participate in orientation and ongoing training for Coordinators and Directors.

Ensure required trainings are complete for both Employment and Community Participation Supports  services within the established timelines.            

Ensure compliance with Integration, Everyday Lives, Hope Enterprises, Inc. Policy and Procedures, and current ODP practices and philosophies. 

Ensure consistent application of disciplinary actions in conjunction with agency policies.                                 

Meet regularly with Coordinators and Directors.

Ensure attendance at required meetings and trainings.

Notify and consult with supervisor when additional support is needed. 

Ensure individuals’ services are administered and maintained in accordance with applicable policies procedures, regulations, and relevant laws. 

Ensure the maximum provision of services by monitoring service delivery.        

Participate in the development of annual budgets.  Responsible for budgets, ensure expenditures are consistent with budget limits, and make recommendations for budget changes as necessary.                    

Monitor financial reports to ensure the effective utilization of funding.

Provide verbal and/or written reports regarding service activities, census and financial status to the Vice President-Operations.  

Prepare plans of IDD service programs revision, expansion, and/or development related to Employment and Day services.

Function as a participating and contributing member of the management team.

Ensure the quality and provision of services by participating in ongoing program audits and ensure and Day services. 

Participate in the referral process.

Ensure completion of all programmatic licensing requirements. 
Facilitate and maintain relationships between the individuals, families, and other support services.

Be the primary contact with the Supports Coordination Organization (SCO) and OVR for overall  operational delivery of services.

Have full knowledge of OVR policies and procedures.

Have full knowledge of 2380 regulations. Maintain Program Specialist qualifications for 2380 Regulations.

Supervise crisis intervention in emergency situations.           

Notification of Incidents
Have complete knowledge and comply with Incident Management. 

Participate in Incident Management meetings.

Have complete knowledge of updates and current practices for the investigation process. Participate in the

Administrative Review process.

Other Duties
Make presentations to other agencies, organizations, and interested parties.

Participate in other committees as assigned.

Attend and participate in appropriate training sessions, seminars, and/or conferences.

Perform other duties as may be required or assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS:    A bachelor’s degree and two-years work experience working directly with persons with intellectual disabilities, or an associate’s degree or 60 credit hours from an accredited college or university and 4 years work experience working directly with persons with intellectual disabilities.  A valid driver’s license is required unless programmatic circumstances permit.