Photo ID Operator - MaxWorx



Provides efficient, courteous customer service to all persons who enter the Photo License Center.  Assures that customers have proper identification and documentation.  The Photo ID Operator is responsible for the operation of the work site, including: security and accountability or consumables and customer information, processing all customers courteously, promptly, and without discrimination or prejudice for any reason, issuing a finished product to the correct customer, and recording the transaction as required.

1. Facilitating the security of the Photo License Center premises and photographic equipment and consumables by arming and disarming the security alarm system at appropriate times and locking secure materials in the safe, security closet or workstation as required.
2. Shredding the camera card immediately upon the customer signing the License Control Audit Sheet.
3. Reporting any security breach upon discover to site supervisor and UniqueSource Products and Services management.This includes, but is not limited to, missing consumables, unsecured doors and safes, unarmed buildings and any hazardous conditions.
4. Processing customers in a pleasant, professional, efficient, and customer service oriented manner and accurately and courteously providing approved information related to Photo licensing procedures and policies.Is able to speak clearly and give precise instructions to complete the transaction in a timely manner.
5. Carrying out the procedures to accurately process a customer by requesting and reviewing proper forms of identification, verifying information on identification documentation and determining validity of camera card.
6. Positioning customers correctly for photograph, operating the camera equipment to create a photogenic license or identification card, assuring a quality and accurate product is delivered to the correct customer.
7. Using the SPI (signature, photo and information) technique with every customer at the card review screen.
8. Hole punching or clipping through the bar code and PA silhouette, then returning the old license and/or ID card to the customer after the customer has signed for their new product, then shred the camera card and accept the customers file on the main processing screen.
9. Completing all paperwork and preparing paperwork and submitting the appropriate parties.Following established procedures for the receiving and accounting of consumables.
10. Performing the daily operations of the Photo License Center including: opening and closing the center as scheduled, reporting by telephone any requested information, i.e. opening time, maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the center, operating the center in compliance with policies and procedures and reporting downtime to the appropriate parties.
11. Performing specified routine maintenance tasks related to cleaning equipment.
12. Wearing the prescribed clean uniform and name badge while working.
13. Attending all mandatory training seminars.
14. Performing other related duties as required.


  • 2 Days Per Week (Wednesday & Saturday)
  • 4 Hour Shifts: 10am - 2pm

Immediate Supervisor

  • Production Manager


  • High School diploma preferred. 
  • Able to provide documentation of disability.


Equal Opportunity Employer